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Kerbs, Gutters and Driveways


If a driveway is required to be installed or extended or an additional driveway is required, an "Application for Crossover" form must be filled out and forwarded to Infrastructure department.  Only Council can carry out this work.  If a driveway is going to be concreted or paved etc an "Application to carry out Works on Footpath" must be filled out and forwarded to Infrastructure department for approval.  Council does not carry out this work - it must be done by the applicant or a contractor engaged by the applicant.  All work must comply with Council's regulations as stated in the permit approval form.


If repairs to kerb/gutter is required, all issues will be forwarded to Infrastructure department for attention.  If kerb requires cutting to allow storm water pipes – a request is forwarded to Construction & Maintenance Supervisor and usually carried out with 1-2 days.  Please ask person to mark kerb with texta or paint to indicate where cutting is required.

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