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Purchase of Goods & Services

 Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Goods and Services(114 kb)

Council’s Purchasing and Procurement Policy ensures that Council has regard for the following principles in its acquisition of goods and services:

  • Encouragement of open and effective competition
  • Obtaining Value for Money
  • Probity, Ethical Behaviour and Fair Dealing
  • Accountability, Transparency and Reporting
    • Ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation
    • Encouragement of the development of competitive local business and industry
    • Environmental Protection
    • Occupational, Health & Safety 

Council issues Purchase Orders for the supply of goods and services to achieve it objectives and provide its services.

The following document provides Council’s detailed terms and conditions of purchase, including delivery, payment, standards of supply, insurance and legal requirements relating to each order.

Suppliers are deemed to have read, understood and complied with these terms and conditions on accepting an order.

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